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5 Things Doughnuts and Taxes Have in Common

On this hallowed holiday (National Doughnut Day) we take a moment to pay our respects. It turns out that doughnuts and taxes are pretty similar, believe it or not.

1. No matter what your individual taste, there’s a doughnut for you.

Jelly filled, chocolate glazed, blueberry cake… so many doughnuts, so little time.

No matter what you’re craving, or how much you think you may owe in taxes, we can find a workable solution for you.

2. Doughnuts come with a handy holder – stick your finger through the middle and off you go.

Tax professionals are pretty handy, too. You don’t have to get your hands dirty with all of the details. Leave it to your Enrolled Agent, one of America’s Tax Experts.

5 Things Doughnuts and Taxes Have in Common, SFSTax, SFSTaxandAccounting, SFSTaxProblemSolutions, Doughnuts, Donuts, Chocolate Doughnuts, Chocolate Donuts, Milk and Doughnuts, Milk and Donuts

3. Doughnuts don’t have to be refrigerated

 Neither, as it turns out, do Enrolled Agents. In fact, they rather hate it. (Sorry, Jeff).

4. Doughnuts and coffee can enhance your memory

 Don’t believe it? Check out this article from Psychology Today.

It’s a funny thing, but somehow knowing that you’ll have to pay penalties and interest also improves your memory when it comes to taxes. What better motivation to find all of the deductions you can possibly take advantage of? Chow down on a doughnut and coffee, and you might remember even more!

 5. Sometimes doughnuts are subject to sales tax. Sometimes they aren’t.

Depending on what state you are in, where you buy your doughnuts, and even how many you buy, etc., you may or may not pay sales tax.

This is similar to our very intricate tax law. Sometimes you can take this deduction; sometimes you can’t. (And don’t get me started on the Alternative Minimum Tax). Trust me, you’ll want an Enrolled Agent to figure this one out!

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