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Inside this edition: Minnesota Man Tries to Convince the IRS “I’m Not Dead Yet”, Attorney Can Add IRS Indictment to His Wikipedia Page, IRS Collection Calls Now May Be Real, Your IRS Questions Answered Here…, For the Foodies ...

Inside this edition: Insurance Salesman Convicted of Tax Fraud for Not Filing Accurate Tax Returns Since 1996, Weird State Tax Facts, Man Claims He Didn’t File Tax Returns Because of the Bible, IRS Question of the Month, For the Foodies – Baingan Bharta, A...

Inside this edition: Kingpin of U.S. Tax Scam Arrested in India, Spa Owners Caught Massaging Their Income, Interior Designer Redecorates his Tax Returns, Fried Chicken Restaurant Owners Take a Lickin’ From the IRS, IRS Question of the Month, For the Foodies, A bit of...