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Enrolled Agents are licensed by the IRS and as “America’s Tax Experts”, we’re uniquely qualified to help you eliminate tax problems. With 35 years of professional experience in our belt, we guarantee a stress-free, fuss-free tax problem solution! Download a FREE report on How To Solve Your Tax Problems Without A Tax Attorney.

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    In this exclusive report you’ll learn:

    Why a Tax Attorney Isn't The Best Choice For Solving Your Tax Problem.

    Using a tax attorney could be very expensive in both billable hours and the time it may take to get a resolution.

    10 Reasons Why An Enrolled Agent Is Uniquely Qualified to Resolve Your Tax Problem.

    Unlike some attorneys who may or may not choose to specialize in taxes, Enrolled Agents specialize in taxation.

    Tips and Insights from 35 Years of Industry Tax Experience

    EAs are required to achieve and maintain a deep level of understanding of all aspects of taxation before they help you.


    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Chip Wilkinson

    “After several years of dealing with my wife’s illness, I began receiving letters from the IRS and they filed two liens. I contacted the national firms. Their quotes were like an al-a-carte menu. (extra for this, extra for that, etc..) By the time they finished, I might still owe the tax, plus, paid them about half of what I owed in fess. I attempted to solve the problem myself. Big mistake! I began researching local firms (accountants and tax attorneys). I finally decided to hire Jeff. He is a small firm, local and we could meet face to face. Jeff was honest, explained the options and made no promises other than “He would do his best to resolve my issues”. I went with an Offer in Compromise in July 2014 which was accepted March 2015. I feel like I have my life back thanks to Jeff.”

    Richard & Dolores Debevec

    “Comfortable and have recommend your service to several of our friends.”

    Craig & Irma Cochran

    “These people are pros! They are helpful and provide great advice. They get things done as they should be done. They are pleasant to work with and candid about your tax situation. I’m not sure what more you could ask for. I have great confidence in their work!”

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