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Inside this edition: Empire Star Terrence Howard Under Investigation for Tax Evasion, Tax Defier Might Be Protesting from Prison, Waco, Texas Tax Preparer Tries Wacko Scheme,  I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know…, Taxes by Stephen Taylor, Your IRS Question & SFS Answer, What folks have to say...

Inside the August 22nd edition: Utah Man Thinks the Laws Don’t Apply to Him, Software Company Owner will be Doing Hard Time in Prison, IRS Details Car Wash Owner’s Taxe, Be a Snitch and Earn Millions!, Your IRS Question & SFS Answer, What folks have to...

The Ten Commandments of an IRS Audit Behold, the IRS audit. They are rare these days. Only one out of every 184 taxpayers experienced an IRS audit in 2017, and less than a quarter of these audits are conducted in person by the IRS. For many, navigating...

Inside the May edition: Taxman Delivers Cruel Blow to Miss Whiplash, Las Vegas Man Gambles with the IRS and Loses, Just a Single Count of Tax Evasion Could Land You in Prison. Art Dealer Tries to Paint a Different Picture of Her Income, IRS Question & SFS Answer,...