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Most people who were out of grade school in the 1980s remember hearing the word “gnarly.” While not an easy term to explain, the Urban Dictionary gives it a good shot: “Gnarly is when you’ve gone beyond radical, beyond extreme. It’s balls-out danger, and/or perfection, and/or...

Every day is a dog day at SFS Tax. Buddha Belly, an adorable Yorkshire Terrier, is a constant fixture around the office. He brings joy to all of us. (And begs for treats, of course… he has gained a few pounds, come to think of...

On this hallowed holiday (National Doughnut Day) we take a moment to pay our respects. It turns out that doughnuts and taxes are pretty similar, believe it or not. 1. No matter what your individual taste, there’s a doughnut for you. Jelly filled, chocolate glazed, blueberry...

Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Enrolled Agent. An SFS Blog.  Why hire an Enrolled Agent to help you deal with the IRS? There are many reasons why! Let us give you the top 10: It gives you peace of mind, knowing that an EA is taking...