What a Tax Professional Can Do for You That an Online Program Can't

What Can a Tax Professional do for You that an Online Program Can’t?

What Can a Tax Professional Do for You that an Online Tax Program Can’t?  An SFS Tax Problem Solutions Blog.

What Can a Tax Professional Do for You that an Online Tax Program Can’t?

Why do self-checkout lines at Walmart need cashiers to stand by?

Why do we keep pressing “0” for the operator when faced with an automated voice system?

Why do we hang up instead of leaving a voicemail?

It’s because sometimes you just need a human.

Raymond Kurzweil is the author of The Age of Intelligent Machines (1990). He predicted that computers would outsmart the human brain by mid-21st century.
That’s only 32 years away.

Well, based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think it’s going to happen. And even so, it’s a long wait to be able to turn your life over to a machine!

What a Tax Professional Can Do for You that an Online Program Can’t – It’s Called a Brain

The problem is that no one has ever been able to recreate the human brain.

And I’m betting no one will ever do so.

Computers can make our lives easier, to be sure.

It’s wonderful having Google at your fingertips to answer any questions you dream up. It’s convenient to snap a photo of the grandkids and carry it around with you on your phone. It’s easier to write that novel typing on a keyboard than writing it out longhand.

But what those nifty machines can’t do is think critically.

A Tax Professional Can Help You Avoid Having to Owe Back Taxes, Penalties & InterestWhat a Tax Professional Can Do for You that an Online Tax Program Can’t – Catch Your Mistakes Before they Become Delinquent Tax Bills

Computers can’t tell if the information you found online is accurate or from a reliable source.

They can’t tell you that you didn’t include the dividends from the stock that your Aunt Mary left you on your tax return.

And they can’t tell the difference between the transposed numbers you entered for last year’s income versus the real deal.

It’s garbage in, garbage out.

Computers have their uses… and their downfalls as well.

And even though may be a mistake, but the IRS can still tack penalties and interest onto your mistakes.

Like a warm hug and great conversation, there are just some things you need a human for. Taxes are one of those things!

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